Samsung is Preparing a New Cellphone with 600MP Camera, Really?

Samsung is Preparing a New Cellphone with 600MP Camera, Really?

It’s not just creating a Smartphone device, but Samsung also offers several other components that support the manufacture of mobile phones. In addition to the screen, there is also a self-made camera sensor which is now the largest in terms of resolution for mobile devices on the market.

Although it is still not matched by SONY or Leica as the strongest competitor duo, the South Korean company already wants to skyrocket again in creating super resolution cameras. The latest report says that this Huawei competitor is working on a cellphone with a 600MP camera.

This information has been revealed by EVP Head of Sensor Business Team, Samsung’s LSI Business System, Yongin Park through the company’s Newsroom blog. He said that this plan emerged due to the ability of the human eye that reportedly could only capture an object in 500MP resolution only.

“The image that we see through our eyes is called the equivalent of 500MP resolution. We as industry players (camera sensors) still have a long way to go to match this ability, “said Yongin.

And as usual where at the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra yesterday, the presence of the 108MP camera sensor is so striking. Because the size is much larger than the camera sensor in general, and of course that will apply to the 600MP camera sensor whose size could be even greater.

Maybe later this is not the actual camera resolution, but rather a merging of pixels as was done on the 108MP camera on the Xiaomi Mi 10 . The industry, headquartered in South Korea, has used the incorporation of every pixel in the image sensor to create results with large resolutions.

This trend has been applied by Samsung since last year, where the ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor embedded in the Galaxy S20 Ultra uses the “Nonacell” pixel merging technology, which combines nine pixels (3 × 3) into one large pixel to produce a 12MP image. .

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