Signs iPhone 12 Ready to Start Mass Production

Signs iPhone 12 Ready to Start Mass Production

There have been lots of information leaks related to the presence of this iPhone 12 , starting from the design, specifications to the price issue that will be offered. And in the latest leak, this time it is the turn to reveal the signs of the start of mass production of the latest generation iPhone cellphones.

This comes from Foxconn which is the largest electronic component manufacturer in the World. This China-based company has started recruiting workers for its factory in Zhengzhou. Vacancies intended for the public will be placed on the assembly line section.

The recruitment figure reaches one million workers, which is a far cry when compared to outside the iPhone production season, which only reached tens of thousands. Where this has become commonplace and familiar, because indeed the release of this Apple cellphone itself is well scheduled.

As reported by detikINET, Foxconn itself has a recruitment schedule every year to produce the latest mobile phones from Apple, and this year it looks like it’s the turn of the iPhone 12 . However, this year the recruitment itself opened later than 2019, because it started in July 2020 yesterday.

This is only natural, because the pandemic yesterday forced a number of large companies to experience schedule delays. And the delay in Foxconn’s recruitment process itself also occurred after the Apple company decided to delay the release of its newest generation iPhone.

“As you know, last year we started selling new iPhones in late September. This year, we project that new supplies will be available a few weeks later, ”said Luca Maestri, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, quoting from CNBC.

Typically, the Apple company will hold a release event in September. However, the iPhone 12 is said to be able to reach October, depending on whether the manufacturer can complete the target in a faster than usual time or not.

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