Some Interesting Things About the iPhone SE 2020 You Need to Know

Some Interesting Things About the iPhone SE 2020 You Need to Know

For now it is still not available in Indonesia, and if you want to buy it in Singapore, it’s already there. However, the iPhone SE 2020 must be registered in advance independently so that the IMEI number is registered and can use local prime to activate it.

And to register it is not difficult, you are also not necessarily subject to tax because there are some cost restrictions for that. This is because the iPhone’s, less likely to be affected.

But before that, it would be better to know some interesting things first, which he said this phone can replace Android phones . Are you curious? Come on, see the full discussion below.

  1. Adopt the iPhone 8 design

Not the same as the latest generation iPhone , because the iPhone SE 2020 adopts the design of the mobile phone that was launched by Apple a few years ago, namely the iPhone 8 . Where has a thick bezel above and below for embedding a selfie camera and Touch ID physical home button.

  1. IPhone 11 Performance Equivalent

Although the design is actually quite old, but the performance problem does not need to worry anymore. That’s because the chipset that was carried the same as the iPhone 11, which sold tens of millions, namely A13 Bionic. Obviously this is very interesting, because this latest cheap iPhone is only priced at Rp. 6 million.

  1. The screen is not very wide

Due to applying the same design concept as the iPhone 8 , obviously including the screen that has the same area, only 4.7 inches with Retina HD resolution 1333 x 750 pixels. However, this screen is supported by True Tone technology so that it is able to adapt to light conditions.

In addition there is also a Haptic Touch system similar to the iPhone 11 series, which if the pressure is longer will activate a separate menu and offer a feeling like physical touch on the skin.

  1. IP67 certification

With this certification, making the device resistant to dust and water to a depth of 1 meter in an hour. It’s not as good as the IP68 certification, but this certification is cool enough for cell phone durability.

  1. Single camera

Just like other cheap iPhones where only offers a single camera in front and behind. The resolution is also the same as the iPhone XR , which has a 12MP resolution with impressive quality, while the front camera has a 7MP resolution.

However, because of the support of the A13 Bionic chipset, this single camera is the best for now and the iPhone lineup.

Those are some of the reasons that make the iPhone SE 2020 interesting to have, and it looks like a replacement for an Android phone is not a mere lie, regardless of the design of the cellphone.

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