Some Things You Need to Know About 8K Video Recording on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Some Things You Need to Know About 8K Video Recording on the Samsung Galaxy S20

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series offers exceptional camera capabilities. Each premium mobile phone has been equipped with a 64MP camera to 108MP.

Not only able to produce extraordinary shots, but this premium Samsung mobile phone is also supported by a satisfying video recording feature. Different from flagship phones in general, because Samsung offers recording features up to 8K.

For videos with 8K resolution this of course has better video details when compared to 4K or below. This advantage can be felt when the video is playing on a super large screen like a movie theater, or made footage, aka cutting to focus on certain objects.

Although it has extraordinary advantages, but the 8K video recording feature on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series also has some drawbacks that need to be noted as well. Like in terms of capacity that is much greater than video recording with a resolution below it.

Every minute recording video with 8K resolution using the Galaxy S20, S20 + or S20 Ultra requires a capacity of up to 600MB or an average bit rate of 80mbps. However, this weakness can be covered by the addition of microSDs that are supported up to 1 TB.

Not only just a large storage capacity, but with this 8K video recording you will not be able to activate the Super Steady feature. So when you want the results to be good and not to shake, then use a tripod or dreadlocks as a supporting cell phone when recording.

And the last two things to note when recording 8K resolution video with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are only 24 fps supported speeds, so it is not recommended to record objects that have fast movements. In addition, the maximum video duration that can be generated is only 5 minutes.

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