Start Scrolling, How to Install Android 11 Beta on OPPO Find X2 Series

Start Scrolling, How to Install Android 11 Beta on OPPO Find X2 Series

Since it was officially announced by Google even though it was not in a lively event a few weeks ago, the pixel series device has received Android 11 Beta 1 update support for the first time. And on the same occasion, there was confirmation that the OPPO Find X2 series received similar support as well.

And in the end now the OPPO Premium mobile users have received support for the latest operating system updates from Google . Because this is still in beta, of course there will be some bugs happening in it, which must be watched by every user.

But for those of you who might still be curious and want to try the features offered on Android 11 through your OPPO Find X2 series. Can immediately see how to install it as follows.

First, make sure in advance that you have backed up all the files in your device. Because it aims to be prepared so that nothing happens that causes the file to simply disappear in the OPPO Find X2 series after installation.

If the data has been backed up on an external hard drive or laptop , then you can download the file for Android 11 Beta on the Find X2 link (, and Find X2 Pro ( / 3eBfXIa).

Save this download file into the phone, and make sure before starting the installation, the battery is fully charged. Then turn off your phone, and turn it on again by pressing the power button along with the volume down to enter Recovery mode. Next you choose English.

After that you select install from storage >> find the update package that you downloaded earlier >> click install. And during this installation process, don’t manipulate your device and leave it alone until all the processes are complete. And later there will be a notification that the installation was successful.

After that, you can restart your OPPO Find X2 or Find X2 Pro, and after restarting , you are already in the Android 11 Beta 1 operating system and ready to explore the new features available in it.

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