Super! Android Mobile Minimum Specifications For Playing Fortnite Games

Super! Android Mobile Minimum Specifications For Playing Fortnite Games

Previously for shooting games on Android devices that were famous were PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and also Free Fire. And now it seems to be increasing again, where Android phone userscan now enjoy the game from Epic Games, namely Fortnite.

This is not a new game because it’s already present earlier in the App Store , so users of iOS -based devices can play it with satisfaction. And for Android users, please install it directly from the site, so this is not recommended by Google because there could be malware coming in later.

But now it has been made easier, where after Epic Games has softened a bit, eventually Fornite also entered the Google Play Store . So that in the future there will be more players who can enjoy it, but before that pay attention to the minimum specifications first.

Don’t just just install it so that when you play it you even lag or even your phone gets stuck just because of the installation of this Fortnite game . In a statement on the Epic Games site, it is stated that Android phones have at least 4GB of RAM to play this game smoothly.

Then the processor must be ARM64 (64bit) architecture, with a graphics processor of at least Adreno 530, Mali-G71 MP20 or Mali-G72 MP12. You can check this ability with the help of applications such as CPU-Z, Droid Hardware Info, and also Aida64.

As for the internal memory capacity needed in the Play Store information listed 45MB. However, after you install this game and extract and download various additional files, the total memory used is more than 7GB.

Not all Android phones can install the following games, because Fortnite only supports the Oreo, Pie, Android 10 , or newer operating systems later. If your device really is capable, please try Fortnite’s excitement on an Android device and feel the difference.

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