Telegram Update, Make Users More Creative Only with Photos

Telegram Update, Make Users More Creative Only with Photos

Not just WhatsApp, but there are several chat applications that can be relied upon by many circles today. Including the Telegram which seems to be the toughest competitor today.

There are various kinds of updates that have been offered, and recently these updates can make users even more creative with just a photo. This application update has begun to roll for users on the iOS or Android platforms .

After getting this update the user will later get a feature which is the ability to edit videos directly through the application. On the official blog page, it has been explained related to various features offered in the latest update.

It was explained that in  this latest version of the application , Telegram had made adjustments to a number of parameters for video editing options, such as brightness and color saturation.

So that users will no longer need the help of photo or video editing applications from third parties, if they just want a small change in the file to be sent to other users.

Not only offer editing features manually, but users will also find an editing option done by the alias system automatically. Users can with just two touches, they can get the best recommendations for the results of the video.

Then other new features are also embedded such as the ability to embed animated stickers into content in the form of photos or videos. Adding an animated sticker to the photo will make a change to a short GIF video.

And for the GIF panel itself has been updated with the section “Trending” and tabs based on emojis. So this makes it easier for users to find a GIF that matches the emoji. And going forward, Telegram also plans to present a high-security video call feature that has been eagerly awaited by its users.

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