Telegram Update, Video Profile Photos To Send 2GB File

Telegram Update, Video Profile Photos To Send 2GB File

It can be said that the Telegram platformis one of the toughest competitors of WhatsApp, because the security system offered is so tight and it won’t break easily. But in terms of popularity and wealth of features are still losing.

Now, in order not to be too behind making this message send platform, it offers feature updates that make it even more interesting than the service acquired by Facebook . Among them are installing profile photos in the form of videos, to sending files with support for capacities up to 2GB.

To update this video profile, users can use files that are already stored in the cell phone or maybe record them directly. Later, it will only be a photo, but when other users click it will be played.

Apart from that, users can also choose specific frames that they want to display in chat. Not to mention the support for sending files that have increased, namely the Telegram platform originally 1.5GB but now has reached 2GB in various file forms.

Then in this update also has the ability to improve the Nearby function, which will display the distance between users and contacts that have been detected. In addition, there are also other new functions, where when users receive too many messages from people not in their contact list, they can activate the new button in the privacy and security settings.

Later other people who are not in the contact list will not appear in the notification panel, so users will not be disturbed by it. And other updates were rolled out for the group, where with members of more than 500 people, they could see detailed graphs regarding their activities and growth.

For group statistics this Telegram shows a list of the top members taking into account the number of messages and the average length of messages sent to the group. For more details, you can update your application , and visit your group.

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