The appearance of PlayStation 5 Batman Edition

It’s still not on the market, but the SONY company has officially launched its newest game console called PlayStation 5 aka PS5 . This device has a more special and different appearance than the previous generation.

And some of you may have seen some of the design concepts for the next generation of PS4 from fans who rely on the form of the PlayStation Dev kit, with the characteristic triangular hole that juts into the inside. However, this is not the case, because SONY prefers to design it like a Computer CPU with a more modern design.

This time, a creative idea from the fans has returned to show the appearance of a special edition, what if SONY collaborates with DC Comics to offer a special edition of one of its flagship super heroes, Batman. You can see a cool face from the edge, making this device look even more frightening.

For the PS5 design concept with a Batman theme, it has used a very unique color combination, namely Tosca Blue which is side by side with black, derived from the black DualSense. With the addition of cool effects, this device can look more real and no longer look as calm as the regular model.

The rest of the design problems are still exactly the same as in general, it’s just that this special model only changes its color. It’s not just a problem in console games , but the DualSense alias PS stick that will be its partner is also designed like that, with Batman’s face on the right grip.

However, this is still limited to the design and design from the fans, not from the SONY directly. However, it is possible that the Japanese company can create a special PS5 edition as desired by such fans, to be sold commercially later.

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