The Easy Way to Download Videos on Facebook Without Applications

The Easy Way to Download Videos on Facebook Without Applications

Not just posting in the form of words, but now the Facebook platform isalso developing for video content. And for the duration of the offered video is not a moment, users can share videos in the duration up to even hours.

Users can enjoy it themselves or it may be distributed to other users. Not only through the FB application, but you can also share to other Android or iOS applications by getting the video first.

You can also play it offline, whenever you want. And you can share it on various other social media platforms, including WhatsApp as well by uploading as usual. Here’s an easy way to download videos on Facebook without an application that can be done.

Maybe you can easily download it with the help of a third party application, but in the following discussion you will not use another application though, where it can be interrupted by advertisements, make your memory full, and so on.

For how to download videos on this Facebook platform you can first enter the application first, then search for interesting videos that you want to get and play them offline. Or maybe you have previously found and saved the post.

Then, after finding the desired video, you right-click on the video and ‘show video url’, or maybe in the Smartphone application you can click on the dot icon in the top right corner of the video, then click copy link.

If it has been copied, then the next step is towards the browser application, you copy the copied link, and add “mbasic” to the address before Such as this example,

That’s more or less like how to download videos on Facebook without the help of third-party applications that can be used to play videos offline or share with others. Good luck.

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