The Easy Way to Send Scheduled Messages on WhatsApp

The Easy Way to Send Scheduled Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp platformis the most popular among other communication services. Because it is indeed thanks to the ease and security offered by the platform to ensure the security and comfort of communication between users.

Maybe you have thought of sending a sentence or message to a special person without having to bother sending it directly at that moment? For example like a birthday like that, you can make the message scheduled.

So no need to wake up at 12 o’clock precisely just to send the message to your partner, because the sentence will be sent automatically according to the schedule that was made before. Are you curious? Come on, just see the full discussion below .

Tricks Send Scheduled Messages on WhatsApp Android and iOS

For users of Android -based devices , you can easily do this through the help of a third-party application called SKEdit which can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store , and follow the way on this link to do it.

While on the iOS platform you can use additional Shortcuts applications that can be downloaded via the App Store . After that, how:

  • Once installed, you can open and select ‘Automation’ which is below
  • Then add ‘Personal Automation’ by clicking the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner and selecting ‘Create Personal Automation’
  • After that you specify the exact date and time to send the message and click next
  • You select ‘Add Action’ and ‘Text’ option
  • And enter the message you want to send to someone on a scheduled basis and click the ‘+’ icon
  • Select ‘WhatsApp’ in the options that appear and continue with the ‘Send Message via WhatsApp’ option
  • Please select the recipient of the message and click ‘Next’
  • Check the details and if it is appropriate you can click ‘Done’

That is more or less an easy step in sending scheduled messages in the WhatsApp application on the Android or iOS platforms. How, interested to try it?

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