The Function of the Latest Android HP Power Button Will Be More Diverse

The Function of the Latest Android HP Power Button Will Be More Diverse

As many users know, the power button only offers a few options. In general, namely on / off the cellphone and restart, then some Android phones that offer sound mode functions as well as aircraft.

But apparently in the future going to be more diverse functions that can be performed by the power button on the following Smartphone . That’s thanks to the Android 11 operating system installed, which offers several additional options as a function of the power button, which is related to smart home control.

Some of them are controlling flashlights, thermostats, home lights, cameras, door locks, curtains, and a series of other IoT devices. This information has come from XDA Developers, which is operating the latest Android operating system from Google for the Developer Preview 2 version, and they found some additional functions for the power button.

In the uploaded screenshot images, it is known that various smart home control functions are arranged in a special layout with the concept of tiles. And to bring it up, Android HP users can press and hold the power button for some time or until the selection menu appears on the screen.

In addition, there is also a menu button that allows users to add a variety of main applications that want to be accessed quickly only through the power button only. Thus, users no longer need to search for applications by sliding the screen to access them.

Not only that, but reportedly this power button will also function as a payment method as well. So that this will make it easier for users to shop online or make digital payments.

There are various other interesting things that will be obtained by future Android HP users when they have installed the following Android 11 operating system. And now the beta version is still rolling, and maybe a new stable version will be available at the end of next year.

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