The Latest Reality of Wearable Release, Apple Watch Innovations at Low Prices

The Latest Reality of Wearable Release, Apple Watch Innovations at Low Prices

Not focused on the Smartphone business, where now the Realme vendor has also been present in the wearable market and other electronic devices to support its business. The latest this time has launched the smart watch competitor Apple Watch at a much cheaper price.

For the latest gadget that was launched it has come up with the name Realme Watch and it is present exactly like the appearance that is owned by Apple’s smart watches , with slightly rounded edges.

The screen uses an LCD panel, with an area of ​​only 1.4 inches. And do not miss this device also has been equipped with a music control feature which can be combined with TWS Realme Buds, thus providing a satisfying audio experience for users.

And for this smart watch it is also possible to pick up the phone and also forward notifications from the cell phone to the screen. As for the problem of the capacity of the embedded battery, claimed competitor Apple Watch from Realme is able to last – 9 days in normal mode, and 20 days in power saving mode.

Usually, when in power saving mode to get a longer usage experience like this, the device will turn off the Bluetooth connection and also the GPS so that the function of this wearable device will be just a normal watch.

So, there are no sophisticated functions like smart devices that have, but as a timepiece and just a few other menus. while for the function of Realme Watch itself is also more or less the same as the fitness band which Realme has released since March.

Whereas for the issue of the price offered alone, it is only around 3,999 rupees or around Rp. 590,000, – only, and will only be available on June 5, 2020. Obviously this price is far different than the Apple Watch, which has a standard price of millions of rupiah.

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