The Mobile Legends Trio is considered the Most Deadly at the Beginning of the Season

The Mobile Legends Trio is considered the Most Deadly at the Beginning of the Season

We have just experienced a Season change in the Mobile Legends game, where for every rank that has been retrieved is reset, and requires players to fight back in order to reach the highest level.

But as usual, where the players will slightly change after the change of seasons. Where in the beginning of the next season there are 3 heroes who always watch out for not being picked by the enemy, because of its terrible strength. What are they? Can see in the following brief review.

  1. Selena

First there is Selena who has quite unique abilities and ngeselin. Not as a hyper carry, but Selena tends to be more suitable to be used as support, because her skill 1 can be a representative to open the map.

As for skill 2, it can have a very long stunt effect when an enemy is successfully hit. Even though it is difficult, but if trained it will really add to that skill. And the ability to kill relies on ultimate skills.

  1. Eudora

Next there is Eudora who is actually still horrified for a long time, but coupled with the discovery of skin yesterday made him more picking the hero. When he gets the best protection from a hero tank / fighter, he will be horrified when he is ready.

Eudora has a fairly complete skill, where with skill 2 can stop enemy movement, skill 1 can do damage also reduce mgc defense, and the ultimate skill can do really crazy damage.

  1. Yu Zhong

It is appropriate for this one dragon hero to become a very OP at the beginning of this Season, because indeed he is a new hero with a power that is above average. Moreover, his skills are unique enough to make players more interested in trying it.

That is more or less the three most exciting heroes at the start of season 17 of the following Mobile Legends , which might be a reference to be banned. Have a nice play.

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