The presence of POCO C3 has been detected

The presence of POCO C3 has been detected

It’s no longer the same as last year, where now this former Xiaomi subsidiary has dared to move back to bring a series of new mobile devices. Yesterday had just presented POCO F2 Pro in Indonesia with a crazy craze, and now it is detected that the vendor is preparing POCO C3 .

For this smartphone, it will be a low model, no longer the same as POCO F2 Pro, which prioritizes performance and offers the lowest price on the market. But if the display problem, still get the attention of the vendor so that it looks trendy in the hands of users.

The presence of POCO C3 has been detected through Bluetooth SIG certification, where this device appears with the model number M2006C3MI. In this list clearly stated that this device will be present as C3.

But unfortunately there is still no further information related to the POCO C3 specifications in the Bluetooth certification. But before that, the same device had also been registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) so this indicated that the device’s presence was not long.

Besides that, there is a leak of information that the latest POCO device will later duplicate the Redmi 9C which is already circulating on the market. Although it has become an independent brand, but some of the devices are known to be still the exact same than the Redmi HP on the market.

It’s just for a different marketing area, where now POCO is still focused on the Indian and Indonesian markets first. And then just present again in several other countries, so it is possible that this device will have global market competition like Xiaomi .

However, this is limited to speculation, because the POCO C3 could be a Smartphone with completely different capabilities and designs. In addition, leaked specifications are also still not widely revealed in cyberspace.

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