The reason Esmeralda Mobile Legends Deserves To Be Overpowered

The reason Esmeralda Mobile Legends Deserves To Be Overpowered

For the players it is certainly familiar with this one hero, where he became a meta at the beginning of his presence. Although it’s quite difficult, but when you master it, it will become an extraordinary hero in the game Mobile Legends .

But Esmeralda himself has now done nerf, so his strength is no longer the same as before. Nevertheless, it can still be said to be overpowered even though it does not have defense as thick as other hero tanks normally.

  1. The Unique Power of Esmeralda

Although it doesn’t have defense and thick blood like other hero tanks, Esmeralda passive effect makes it thicker and harder to defeat. The more beaten up the better, because he will absorb the defense of the hero around him, and turn into defense for himself.

This power can also be stacked, so the more he approaches the enemy for a long duration, then he will become very thick and invincible. However, this requires special skills, because if the shield is lost it will be difficult to join the war.

  1. Damage Sick As A Mage

Due to having a role mage, it’s only natural that his strength hurts. But not very painful, because this hero is not focused as a hero mage . But with the right item settings, still can duel with enemy hero tanks and win it.

  1. Difficult to Stop If It’s Maximum

As explained before, where when Esmeralda already has a maximum shield and the HP is coated with all white indicators, this will make it really hard to beat. The more attacked he will get thicker.

However, there is a counter that can stop its movement, which is a stunt or knock up that is far away to prevent Esme from our team. When there is a distance or movement stopped for a few seconds, the Shield will disappear by itself and easy to defeat.

That is a series of uniqueness and capabilities of Esmeralda which makes it still called overpowered in Mobile Legends . How, interested in trying out the character / hero mage semi tank?

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