There’s a New WhatsApp Themed ‘Together at Home’ Theme, Here’s How To Get It!

There’s a New WhatsApp Themed ‘Together at Home’ Theme, Here’s How To Get It!

During the limitation period because COVID-19, of course, various layers need the help of enthusiasm to deal with it, especially for those who like to get out-of-course it’s hard to be at home. And WhatsApp as an online connecting application makes things fun.

Not long ago it was known that the most popular chat application in the World has launched a new sticker with the theme ‘Together at Home’ to support its users in conducting social distancing.

To offer this new sticker, the Telegram competitor has collaborated with the World health organization, WHO (World Health Organization). And even more fun, on the sticker there are some embed interesting words in Indonesian, so it is easier to understand.

“We are pleased to work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch a collection of stickers with the theme ‘Together at Home’ that can help everyone to stay connected in the midst of the Corona pandemic,” said a statement conveyed by WhatsApp through its official blog page.

And in his continued statement, it is said that the company hopes that this sticker can be conveyed to their loved ones, especially those who feel isolated, alone, and afraid.

Not only just exclamation, but this sticker itself also illustrates a variety of activities that can be done at home, such as stretching muscles, working and studying in front of a laptop , video calls, washing hands, keeping a distance, to give appreciation to medical personnel .

For those of you who might be interested in trying it directly, you can easily do it. First open the application first, then go to the conversation of a particular person >> click the emoji icon in the left corner of the ‘type message’ column >> enter the sticker menu >> click the plus icon in the top right corner of the keyboard >> search for ‘Together at Home ‘>> click download.

Later you will find a new option on the WhatsApp sticker menu on the emoji input, so you can use it easily. Keep your distance and always maintain immunity to protect yourself from various viruses.

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