This Application Search Solution on the HandPhone Huawei Play Store Substitute

This Application Search Solution on the HandPhone Huawei Play Store Substitute

Due to restrictions imposed by the US government, Huawei has had to rack its brain in replacing Google Mobile Services (GMS) services that cannot be used anymore on its Huawei phones .

One of the most important is the absence of Google Play Store , where users are unable to download applications securely. Therefore Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) must replace it to offer similar functionality so that users can still use the device as usual.

However, it still hasn’t developed like the Play Store , but it still needs a lot of development. And Huawei is trying to get the developers to make the application available on this HMS. And now there are dozens of popular local applications that have been available on AppGallery, even though it’s still not enough.

Until in the end the vendor from China has offered a solution to facilitate the search for applications that are desired by HP Huawei users . Namely by presenting the Petal Search Widget, which is an application search engine from various sources.

This application is available in AppGallery, and users can install it to search, find, and download applications desired by the user. For this application, it will search for apk from AppGallery or from a third party provider. Thus, it’s clear that applications that can be installed on devices are more diverse.

But users still cannot enjoy Google applications , such as YouTube , Gmaps, Chrome, and so on. It can be installed, but users will not be able to open this android application , because it does not have Play Services.

Even so, still the presence of the Petal Search Widget has made users of the Huawei HP a little calmer and believe they will get the desired application. Huawei P40 series or some other latest mobile phones can be used to meet the daily needs of its users.

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