This Benefits Neo Screen Display on OPPO A92

This Benefits Neo Screen Display on OPPO A92

Every vendor has started to pay attention to their respective markets, where there is a focus on the camera sector, performance, or even to the problem of embedded display capabilities. For OPPO A92 for example, where one of the attractions offered is the use of the Neo Display screen.

It can be said that the use of this technology is better compared to screen panels in general, because OPPO claims that the 1080p Neo Display panel will spoil the user’s eyes to look at the Smartphone screen comfortably and safely, even in a very long time.

OPPO offers this latest feature to meet the needs of those who are fond of enjoying streaming movie content or playing games that on average spend more than an hour. And with the support of applying the neo design as well as the thin side, users can get clearer and deeper visuals.

Not only equipped with Neo Display technology, but OPPO A92 also has eye care that can automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the surrounding light conditions, so users can get the right quality screen information, comfortable to use.

For the resolution offered is 2400 x 1080p using a ratio of 90.5%. Thus, users can get quality video content viewing or while playing games satisfactorily.

Some of the benefits offered by this eye care feature include that such as the eye can avoid some radiation that can cause eye fatigue and damage to the eye. Even the presence of this feature has also received eye protection certification by TUV Rheinland, so the quality can not be doubted.

Then in terms of activities, users will be spoiled by the need for smooth multitasking, because OPPO A92 is already equipped with 8GB of internal RAM memory and 128GB of storage capacity. Coupled with the provision of 5,000 mAh battery capacity, making users can get a longer experience in operating a cell phone.

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