This iMessage Competitor Android Application Will Be Safer

This iMessage Competitor Android Application Will Be Safer

As it is known that Apple and Google are two of the most powerful companies in the Smartphone business. Because without an Android or iOS application , it seems like the device will be left by most users, because they are already very familiar with the OS as well as their application.

Although different platforms, but fierce competition still occurs. Where has long been rumored that Google will create a messaging application that is a competitor to iMessage. However, the service called Rich Communication Services (RCS) is still constrained because vendors and operators have yet to find a meeting point.

This is because RCS will in the future replace the role of SMS which cannot be used to send text messages, but will also be used to send other multimedia messages. And it doesn’t look at size, and this service will be free in the future.

Google plans that the latest android application will be installed by default on all Android phones running the Android operating system. And it is said that the development of RCS will be equipped with an end-to-end encryption system, the same security as the WhatsApp platform .

This information has been revealed by 9to5Google, at which time their team has cracked the APK APK Google Message application version 6.2. After searching deeper, they found that messages sent via RCS were protected by this encryption.

It is still unknown what are the requirements for users to be able to send this encrypted message. And the temporary suspicion is that the sender or recipient must also have the same application, because if it is different the message cannot be protected as promised.

Not only that, this SMS or MMS message will also not be encrypted when the network from the user’s Smartphone is not good. When the network is unstable or may be very bad, the message will be an ordinary SMS or MMS without protection.

However, users who experience such problems will later get notifications first. And it looks like Google’s latest android application has another security system, which makes reports when messages are not encrypted to their users.

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