This is the Best SMG Duo at PUBG Mobile

This is the Best SMG Duo at PUBG Mobile

Of the many types of weapons that can be obtained by players in Battle Royale in PUBG Mobile , SMG and Shotgun are the most commonly found at the start than AR or even Sniper.

Even though the drop rate is higher, its ability cannot be underestimated. Because if it can be used properly, this weapon is even more deadly compared to AR even though it actually has more damage and more bullets.

Unless compared to Thompson or Bizon, it is clear they are superior in terms of the number of bullets reaching 50 bullets. But they are not the best and are often the mainstay of the players.

When viewed in terms of drop rates, UMP might be the easiest to obtain than other weapons. Whether on the Map of Erangel , Miramar, Sanhok , or Vikendi, these weapons can both be easily obtained.

But that does not mean the weapon is the best, if in the past it might be arguably so. However, since the change of bullets to 45 acp, it can be said that his interest is according, because the bullet’s speed is somewhat lacking, even with more painful damage.

So for the UG SMG weapon to be the most suitable and considered the best, because it uses 9mm bullets so the bag also does not decrease much because of the small bullet size. Then the speed of bullet vomit is very fast, making the enemy can die in the blink of an eye.

However, for the number of bullets can not be a lot, can only be a maximum of up to 35 bullets. Meanwhile, if you do not use the extended magazine, only 25 bullets. Due to the fire speed that is very high, making bullets also run out quickly.

In essence, this Uzi weapon is very deadly and can even defeat a melee duel from AR. But it must be with the aim of controlling the speed of the extraordinary in order to match. This weapon is a favorite among players on the Map of Vikendi PUBG Mobile , but sometimes it is also commonly used in Sanhok, Erangel, and even Miramar for short-range duels.

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