This Very Popular Antivirus Is Suspicious, Block It Now!

This Very Popular Antivirus Is Suspicious, Block It Now!

Almost all circles are certainly no stranger to the name Avast, not just creating an antivirus applicationthat is now used and relied on by many circles. But this security company often releases a series of other dangerous applications that act suspiciously and endanger the user’s privacy.

However, recently the company Avast and AVG are experiencing sloping issues, related to browser extensions that it creates. For browser extensions such as Avast Online Security , AVG Online Security, Avast SafePrice, and AVG SafePrice. And each of these extensions has different functions.

Among them is that there is a useful tool to scan the sites visited by users and immediately give a warning when something dangerous is detected on the site. Then there are extensions created to protect online shopping activities carried out by users, so they are not easily fooled.

However, through his blog post, Wladimir Palant has found a number of suspicious things done by Avast . Ie, related to the amount of data collected by this popular antivirus pembesut extension , and even more when compared with the data needed to detect cyber security offered.

And obviously Palant immediately reported this incident to famous browser applications such as Mozilla, Google , to Opera. And the report was soon followed up by the developer. Like Mozilla for example, which has taken action to revoke the extension in question and contact Avast regarding the matter.

As for Opera also reported that it immediately removed the extension from the list, and Google still has no response until now. The extension intended until now is still in Chrome.

In this report Palant did not find any dangerous actions, and the extension is still functioning as it should. Only this famous antivirus maker is collecting too much data which should not be needed by companies like Avast.

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