Tips for Overcoming Lag on Windows 10 When Playing Games

Tips for Overcoming Lag on Windows 10 When Playing Games

The activity of playing games has indeed become one of the most exciting and fun things to do during leisure time. Especially on a computer that certainly does not force players out of the house in playing it.

But for the Windows 10 operating system now it is often complained when used to play games because it often experiences lag. Used for ordinary activities sometimes occurs extraordinary lag, especially for playing games. To overcome this, follow the following recommendations :

  1. Make sure the Internet is Current

The internet is the life of online game players, so you have to make sure the latency (signal delay) is stable, you can check it at or Most games will require only 10Mbps, but for streaming video 50Mbps is also the most minimal.

For Fiber Optic cables nowadays it only requires pinging 50 – 50ms, which is already good for playing games . And some steps that can be tried like setting the router what is the limit, getting the WiFi Router closer to the PC, or maybe increasing the speed of the Internet Provider.

  1. Optimization of Video Game Settings

Turning off detailed graphics will help make the game smoother in Windows 10 , but don’t reduce key qualities like clear visibility. Also activate the FPS indicator if there is one, and stabilize it at 30-60 fps for smooth quality. However, for online games at least 60 fps to be more comfortable.

  1. Power Settings

This has an effect on laptop devices , where when you use a laptop. It is recommended while being charged and positioned in the best performance to get the maximum power quality. Because if the battery pressure and mid-level performance alone can not issue the highest performance from a laptop.

  1. Turn off unimportant applications

When playing games, you have to stop other applications that are not important, because it will take up your device’s resources, so the ability will be divided. If the high specs is not really a problem, but if mediocre it will really influence.

  1. Don’t Update

For this update, you can see in the settings section, and don’t update when playing games. Because if the update obviously will consume a lot of resources from your laptop or computer , pause before opening the game in question.

  1. Use a cooler

Due to high requirements, obviously laptops will need additional cooling technology such as fans, to help dissipate heat from the device. Because if it gets hot, obviously the automatic system will reduce performance so as not to overheat, and you also won’t be comfortable playing.

Those are the six tips you can get to get the quality of the game smoothly with devices running Windows 10 . Happy implementing.

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