Top War: Battle Game, the Best Online Shooting 3D Game for Android and IOS

Top War: Battle Game, the Best Online Shooting 3D Game for Android and IOS

Shooting games are not just FPS, because there are so many types of branching categories of the game. Like the strategy game by the game Top War: Battle Game for example, where you will get a relaxed shooting game experience.

Not just more relaxed, but you also don’t really need a large resource and super fast connection to play it. Because when you are late in doing something in the next shooting game , it will not really affect the victory in the game.

At the beginning of the game from the next game , you will later find a damaged headquarters, then find a technician who can repair the building. After that, that base will be developed by you to create a series of extraordinary troops to be assigned in the upcoming battles.

Unlike the other strategy games , because in Top War: Battle this game you don’t need to have to upgrade the building first to create a stronger army. Because you guys just need to combine one army with another to increase their level.

And to start the battle, not only do you expand the area by exploring the surrounding area, but you can also look for stronger enemies in a large map. However, prepare if your troops are sufficient to start fighting on a broader map, where there is a lot of traffic from other players in real-time too.

The graphics problem offered by this shooting game is quite satisfying, where the details of the surrounding environment and the effects of the battle are also interesting. Moreover, this game also offers a different battle concept, so you need to try it.

For those of you who want to play Top War: Battle Game , users of Android -based devices can download it via Google Play Store with a size of 141MB. Whereas for devices with iOS operating system, you can download via the App Store in a file size of 371.8MB.

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