Tricks To Not Be Randomly Entered WhatsApp Group

Tricks To Not Be Randomly Entered WhatsApp Group

Although it is rare, but some groups have experienced where they were included in the WhatsApp groupwithout permission. Of course an incident like this is quite alarming, where we still don’t know what group it is, just put it directly.

However, with regard to privacy issues where other users can simply be included in the group by certain people, the developer has now presented a feature where such events can be prevented, we can determine who can invite to a group.

That way, even WhatsApp admins who usually randomly put anyone into the group, will be asked for confirmation regarding the contact whether he is willing to be included or not first.

To activate this feature itself is very easy where users only need to go to the Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Groups menu. When you arrive at the WhatsApp Groups menu , there will be 3 options to choose from, including Everyone (everyone), My Contacts (only those in your contacts), Nobody (none at all).

So, WhatsApp group admins when they want to enter contacts that are restricted from being included in this group must first send an invitation link to the related contact. That way, users can consider whether they want to enter the group or not, if you want to enter, just click the link that is sent.

As reported by the Venture Beat page , for now the WhatsApp developer is rolling out its latest features gradually starting yesterday. For that, for those of you who want to better maintain privacy can immediately get the most popular instant messaging application in the World through the Google Play Store for Android -based device users or the App Store for iOS -based device users .

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