Try the Carmilla and Cecilion Combos in Magic Chess Mobile Legends, So Crazy!

Try the Carmilla and Cecilion Combos in Magic Chess Mobile Legends, So Crazy!

In the update yesterday it has brought significant changes to the Magic Chess mode in Mobile Legends . Thus, making the sensation of excitement in the game and strategy is also increasingly different by the players.

Not only is there an adjustment to some Synergy, but there is also a new synergy and changes in the number and capacity of heroes needed in the game . Of the many new types of heroes, Carmilla and Cecilion are the most interesting duo heroes.

This is because both of them created a new synergy that could change the destiny of your game. This is because the couple will give 1 additional synergy point when you have 3 or more heroes in the synergy.

Such as cyborg synergy in Magic Chess Mobile Legends must require 4 heroes, including Alpha, Johnson, Saber, and Bruno. However, if you have Carmilla and Cecilion, you only need 3 of these heroes to fully activate Cyborg Synergy.

And this is of course a real influence, because you can save space heroes in your line-up to be used by other heroes who have different synergy. So you can also activate more synergy to strengthen your team and destroy enemies easily.

But you also don’t have to force it, because getting carmilla is easy enough. But getting cecilion is harder than expectation, so you won’t be able to build up the maximum line-up. If it does appear often yes no problem, but if not then it is advisable to use something else.

Because refreshing requires 2 gold, and if you focus on just refreshing, you will be left out of level with other players. So when you lose in terms of numbers, it will be difficult to win the battle in this Magic Chess Mobile Legends mode . Good luck.

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