Twitter Presents 2 New Features Scheduled Posts

Twitter Presents 2 New Features Scheduled Posts

Due to increasingly fierce competition, it is clear that each platform wants its services to continue to evolve over time in order to catch up on other services that are still in front of it, likethis Twitter platformfor example.

Recently social media bearing the blue bird logo has launched another new feature that allows users to more easily upload posts. First there is the Tweet Draft feature, where this feature allows users to temporarily store posts that are still not finished to be written.

So, users can still continue the previous article without fear of being deleted even though the application is out . It’s easy, where users can click the ‘X’ in the top left corner and select ‘Save’, then there will be an option to make sure this unfinished tweet will be distorted or discarded.

Meanwhile, to do the editing alias continue the previous post, users simply select the Tweet was not sent, and later you will get all the drafts that have been made on Twitter. This feature is already valid on the website or mobile application, but unfortunately it is still not synchronous, or in other words the draft on the website cannot be forwarded on the application .

Another feature called Schedule Tweets which allows users to upload posts at an impossible time. For example at 12 o’clock at night, where users are often already sleeping at that time.

Not only that day, but also can determine the date and time to upload the post. Users can even schedule tweets for up to 18 months, and can arrange multiple tweets at the same time. That’s the info obtained from PhoneArena.

Obviously this feature will be very useful, especially for Twitter users who use it as a business field, celebrity, to government or world leaders. Maybe you are too, interested in trying it?

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