Unique! These 4 Hero Subscriptions Banned at the Top Rank of Mobile Legends

Unique! These 4 Hero Subscriptions Banned at the Top Rank of Mobile Legends

If you have entered the Epic stage, of course you will find a system banned against certain heroes so that it cannot be used by teams or opponents. And it turns out in the top tier in the game Mobile Legends actually quite unique hero who is a subscription to this ban.

Not core heroes who will actually threaten the game, but other heroes and there is even support where it will make combo attacks going in vain, or maybe because of ngeelin. Here are a series of heroes who are banned customers.

  1. Ling

It is natural that these heroes are often banned, because if they fall into the hands of the right players then the core heroes can be destroyed in the team. That’s because his ability can move freely towards the back without the need to pass through the frontline hero hero.

This ghost-able ability to break through walls is frightening, also supported by its deadly attacks, making weak enemies like MM or Mage can die in just 2-4 attacks.

2. Diggie

The second hero who is often banned on the top tier is instead Diggie, because most people will utilize the CC effect as a helper for victory during war. And if there was a Diggie, obviously it would be chaotic.

Because his ultimate can thwart all CC effects on the team and provide additional defense. In addition, the passive effect can still be roaming to open the folder even though it’s dead though.

3. Nana

Next, there is nana, who is clearly annoying because there is molina that always interferes with players when they want to attack. So that we cannot attack, and can only run, and that will be an easy target for the enemy. Not to mention the passive effect that can run away when he wants to die.

4. Cecilion

As a mage known for his extraordinary strength, and if the game reaches the late game stage , it’s over. The more mana is possessed, the greater the power possessed by Cecilion.

Not just that, the range of attacks that are very far away makes players inconvenience to approach him. And it looks like only assassin can finish him quickly, and even then it must be with agile attacks.

That’s the four heroes who often become banned customers in the top tier in the game Mobile Legends . A rare opportunity to get the hero in the top rank, because it is considered the most horrified.

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