Update WhatsApp Application Now and Enjoy Fingerprint Features

Update WhatsApp Application Now and Enjoy Fingerprint Features

After circulating for a long time regarding the new security system for the WhatsApp application, in the end global users are now able to use the feature. No longer need to use third-party applications, users can immediately enjoy the fingerprint scanner feature directly on the main application.

Because this is a fingerprint scanning sensor that is used, the cellphone must have a fingerprint sensor too, whether it’s physically like the Redmi Note 8 Pro or below the screen like the Realt XT . While phones that are not equipped with a fingerprint scanner like the iPhone 11 Pro , still cannot enjoy this feature.

To prove it, the Oketekno team has also examined the WhatsApp Update. When heading to the Google Play Store , there are updates that can be obtained by users to version 2.19.308. Then in the update description there is an explanation that “now you can request a fingerprint to open the application.”

And for its own use is very easy and simple. First you can go to the most recent WhatsApp application first, then click on the dot icon in the top right corner of the screen. After that click on the Settings menu to make further settings for your account.

Then you will enter the account menu >> Privacy. Later you will find a new menu there. Scroll to the bottom, you will find the name “Fingerprint Lock”. Click on the menu to make further adjustments to the WhatsApp fingerprint scanner .

By default, this feature will be disabled. Please slide the toggle on the side of the menu “Unlock with fingerprint”, and you will be given 3 other options namely “Immediately”, “After 1 minute”, and “After 30 minutes”. Choose yourself according to your needs, how long the WhatsApp application will be locked with a fingerprint after exiting the application (not from the lock screen).

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