Vivo S7 5G Specifications are Being Prepared

Vivo S7 5G Specifications are Being Prepared

It’s no doubt, where for the Vivo S series this device is one of the most relied on by the vendor, due to the extraordinary amount of enthusiasts. And not long ago, information emerged that revealed the specifications of the Vivo S7 5G , reportedly being prepared.

This smartphone will be the next generation of Vivo S6 5G which has gained quite a number of enthusiasts on the market. Even within two months of its release, it has succeeded in sending one million units.

And for the newest generation this has been revealed by a tipster from China through social media , Weibo. In this statement there are a number of things that were revealed, such as the selfie camera supplies that would stand out more than the camera lens on the back.

It could be that the Vivo S7 5G will later offer dual selfie cameras consisting of a Samsung GH1 44 MP main camera and a duet with an 8MP resolution Hynix Hi846 sensor as a superwide lens, so users can capture large objects even though they are in close proximity. .

Besides that, there is other information that reveals that this device will offer the thinnest selfie camera lens compared to smartphones that have been spread on the world market today. Coupled with the improvement in terms of software, can make a user selfie shots produced in a more satisfying quality.

Then on the back there will be a 64MP camera lens from Samsung , and combined with an 8MP resolution Hynix Hi846 sensor with a 13MP portrait lens from Samsung. While the performance problem is still unknown.

However, it is suspected that the Vivo S7 5G will later offer a screen panel similar to OPPO Reno 4 . If it is indeed a match, it is possible that other specifications to be offered are not much different either.

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