Waiting for the Realme C15 Presence, a Beautiful Mobile Phone 6,000 mAh

Waiting for the Realme C15 Presence, a Beautiful Mobile Phone 6,000 mAh

Various kinds of information have been disseminated, and its presence has been confirmed to occur today. The first country to get the chance to enjoy the C15 Realme is Indonesia. This is only natural, because several times Realme has a satisfying record in the country, through a series of mobile phones made by him.

Now, with this latest Realme , it will again tempt Indonesian gadget lovers through a number of features and also the appearance offered. One of the attractions will be the jumbo battery supplies offered.

This C15 Realme will later offer a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh, where this will later be a fierce counterpart of the Samsung Galaxy M31 in the same capacity. So, this device can later be relied upon for all-round online activities without interruption of the battery running out quickly, making it complicated for charging while in use.

Not only just a large capacity, because the fast charging technology offered is also capable, namely 18W Quick Charge. Thus, the C15 Realme can be refilled quickly without having to wait a very long time to be used again.

As claims made by Realme , this technology is able to charge the newest cellphones as much as 25% in just 30 minutes. For this power it is considered to be sufficient to meet the needs of users when leaving the house, because only with 5% of the capacity of the battery can be for 2.19 hours WhatsApp and phone for 2.45 hours.

In addition to the battery sector, there are also camera capabilities that resemble the iPhone 11 series, where there are 4 cameras embedded in the box in the upper left corner of the phone. Each of these lenses has a 13MP resolution + 8MP ultrawide + 2MP macro + 2MP depth sensor.

C15 Realme performance will rely on the Helio G35 processor chip and is supported by 3GB / 4GB of internal RAM memory. For more details related to specifications and prices can wait for the release soon.

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