WhatsApp Update for Animated Stickers and QR Code, Here’s How to Use It!

WhatsApp Update for Animated Stickers and QR Code, Here’s How to Use It!

After experiencing a trial period for some time, in the end now WhatsApp usersthroughout the World have been able to enjoy the two new features offered, namely Animated Stickers and also QR Code.

For QR Code itself, it can help you to add friends without writing down and saving the number first, just scan and you can add their accounts to your contacts. This option is in the contact list section and after your profile.

As for this animated sticker, it can be used to make the conversation more lively, and you can find it in the sticker section. Curious? Come on, just see the complete way as follows, because it’s a little complicated too.

How to Use WhatsApp Animated Stickers

To use it you can use the help of third-party applications that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store , it’s useful if you want to get more packages. However, it is not possible to download the application again.

  • First, you first update the WhatsApp application via the Google Play Store or the App Store
  • After that, you open the application and enter into conversations with people or in groups
  • Then, you click the emoji icon in the left column of the conversation
  • And please click the sticker icon on the right side of the GIF icon
  • Later you will find some of your old stickers
  • Well, you click on the plus icon in the top right corner to get an animated sticker
  • You choose a sticker that has a play mark on the right, for preview you can select the sticker and click the sticker
  • Wait a few moments, and your animated stickers can be sent easily as usual

That’s more or less like how to use animated stickers on WhatsApp that you can apply yourself on each account. Good luck.

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