WhatsApp Web Update Supports Video Calls of Up to 50 People, Here’s How to Use It

WhatsApp Web Update Supports Video Calls of Up to 50 People, Here’s How to Use It

As for the original and application version of WhatsApp itself, video call services can only be done by a maximum of only 8 people. However, for the beta version, when there is integration with the Messenger platform, WA users can make video calls up to 50 people at once in one call.

However, now that support has been expanded again, which is hurting WA Web users too. Users can access and try the video call feature for up to 50 people at once via the web.whatsapp.com page, or maybe you can also use the WA Desktop application .

How to use it yourself is also quite easy, as long as the user has only the latest version 2.2031.4, then they can do or create a room for video conferencing. Here are the steps.

How to Video Call 50 People on WhatsApp Web

  • First, make sure to get an update to the latest version first, namely V 2.2031.4.
  • Then, you can open the updated application and tap the dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • After that, you will be presented with several advanced options for setting up your account, click “Create Room”.
  • Next, there will be a pop-up that displays a notification to continue to the Messenger page, users can agree to start creating a room that can be used to accommodate 49 other friends.
  • Later the user will be taken to a new page to continue logging into their Facebook account , and on this page there will be a menu for entering an email and password.
  • If you have successfully logged in, the user will be directed to a page that provides a special link. Where you can share this to invite them to join the conversation group that has been successfully created.
  • For other users, you can just click on the link to join the room, without the login process even though they can still enter.
  • Or maybe when there is no link, users can click the attachment icon in the conversation column, and select Room .
  • Later, you will be forwarded to Messenger and friends can also automatically join in it.

That’s an easy way to access WhatsApp Web for video calls of 50 people at once in one call with the help of Messenger Rooms. Good luck.

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