With This Update Epic Comeback Is More Possible in Mobile Legends

With This Update Epic Comeback Is More Possible in Mobile Legends

Through the current game system it can be said that even in the middle of the game, the final result can be predicted who will dominate more to get the victory in the Mobile Legends game. Even this happens in tournament class matches.

Indeed, there is a possibility that players can reverse the situation, dominate the enemy by kidnapping opponents / turrets, ganking, focusing on farming and avoiding the fight that is happening as best as possible. But it seems that in the future there will be some changes regarding the possibility of players getting an epic comeback.

In the latest patch update, it was stated that the players will get adjustments in the match when the team loses to the enemy. Even heroes with lower gold can be more enthusiastic about playing.

As you can see from the explanation above, Mobile Legends players will get more gold than usual when they successfully kill the enemy with the highest gold worth on the enemy team.

That way, if you manage to gang up on a core hero like marksman or assassin and kill him. Then the player will get more gold, so the chance to turn things around is higher.

By obtaining more gold, it is clear that you can buy items faster without the need to continue farming. Because by stealing enemies, you can get a more promising amount of gold. But you also have to be vigilant, because if you fall it will make the enemy richer, of course.

Thanks to such a system, players will be more aggressive in killing, especially against the players with the most gold. Even in the late game, even when the team is pressed to a cage, it is possible to reverse the situation.

When an enemy is off guard during the late game in Mobile Legends , then you can immediately kidnap him and this can help you increase gold against your own team. How, very promising right?

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