Would It Be Like This If Facebook, Twitter and Others Are Family?

Would It Be Like This If Facebook, Twitter and Others Are Family?

This is not a real event, but just a parody of one of the YouTubers who often makes funny and entertaining videos, he is Trey Kennedy. Not long ago he made the story if Facebook and its competitors became a family.

Keep in mind that he has previously made funny videos like ‘what his mother did while at home’, ‘how couples are dating in the middle of social distancing’, and ‘the difference between introverts and extroverts’.

And this time he has described a family of the most popular social media in the World, and as usual where he plays the whole. So, he plays the role of father, mother, and children of a family of these fantasies.

For the most part the father has been described as a LinkedIn account, while for his mother who also maintains the image of course at the same time a strong competitor, namely Facebook. As for the children, it depends on their behavior.

Where for children who have more brooding nature, described as a Twitter platform . Whereas for children who like selfies aesthetically, it has been described as an Instagram service . Then for YouTube described as a child who is also excited to appear.

Then do not miss also children who are more cheerful and love to dance, has been described as a TikTok service . Then there is also the Vine service, but unfortunately in the following video it is told that he has not been around for a long time, and then suddenly remembers that service.

In the parody video played by Trey Kennedy, they plan to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon. But this is just a conversation between Facebook family and others in the room, maybe if you are curious, you can directly see the full video as follows.

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