Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra seizes the title of smartphone camera king from the P40 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra seizes the title of smartphone camera king from the P40 Pro

For some time now we have found out that the P40 Pro has become the DxOMark version of the phone with the best camera. However, it looks like it’s not anymore, because the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has won the title.

It is known that this latest premium cellphone from Xiaomi has officially received the highest score at DxOMark, because it offers extraordinary camera capabilities. Even the zoom level exceeds that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra .

As reported by GSMArena, it is known that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra gets an overall camera score of 130. Where it consists of 142 points for photos, and also 106 points from the camera test results for video recording. This score is slightly different from the Huawei P40 Pro which was the previous king, with a score of 128 points.

From the information given by DxOMark, it is known that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has produced natural colors, similar to the original colors. The Zoom level can also capture a lot of detail, and the score in the bokeh photo test can be obtained maximally because it successfully isolates the object well.

The ultra wide camera that is owned is also considered satisfactory, thanks to its wider viewing angle than any smartphone on the market today. Performance problems in taking photos at night are also considered good.

On the problem of video recording, this Xiaomi cellphone is said to be able to get high-quality video with a good dynamic range and coloring, has fast autofocus and also effective stabilization.

At a glance the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra camera , the four rear sensors consist of 48MP + 48MP periscope 5x optical zoom and 120x hybrid zoom + 20MP ultrawide + 12MP telephoto 2x optical zoom. This camera also gets recording support in 8K quality.

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