Xiaomi no longer makes a special Android phone for Google

Xiaomi no longer makes a special Android phone for Google

Not only focused on working on the device with full support from his side, but Xiaomi also received an offer to make a cellphone that specifically runs the Google ecosystem,this Android cellphoneis commonly called the Android One.

This Chinese vendor has launched it several times, and most recently the Mi A3, which has been released since August 2019 yesterday. However, recently news spread that this cellphone will be the last variant of Android One from Xiaomi .

This allegation is strengthened by the absence of any leaks related to the Mi A4 at all, even though it has been a year later but there has not been any leaks of information regarding this matter. Unlike the Xiaomi Mi 10 which is still continuing and getting new variants regularly.

It should be noted that the Android One project itself was initiated by the Google company in 2014, and the goal is to collaborate with the Android HP companies to launch devices at even more affordable prices.

Besides, it can be said that Android One is more stable than other devices. Due to running a pure Android operating system without the MIUI bandage , or the UI from each of the other vendors. So that the support for OS updates itself can be said to be faster than the usual variant.

As reported by TechRadar, initially the Android One Smartphone was intended to tap the entry level segment, after that it was also present in the middle class segment with more qualified performance and specifications. That is none other than because of technological developments and also the higher level of user needs.

Not only Xiaomi, but other Android cellphone vendors including Samsung, Motorola, and also Nokia are participating in this Android One project. However, some reports say that they have stopped creating these products.

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