Xiaomi Starts Interested In Developing Smartphone Screens

Xiaomi Starts Interested In Developing Smartphone Screens

China is one of the biggest in the world in producing Smartphone devices. Not only assemblers, but some components also come from China, so the production of mobile phones can be said to be cheaper, so that many vendors are interested in this, Xiaomi is no exception .

The following vendors not only want to focus on marketing the latest devices, but have recently been known to be interested in developing Smartphone screens . It was indicated by an investment of US $ 20 million towards Dalian Zhiyun Automation Company, which is a screen panel company from China.

Please note that Zhiyun is a specialist in the production of LCD, OLED, and also mini LEDs. It could even be said that this company became the largest in OLED production in China. And with that much investment, Redmi parent now has 15.5 million shares or around 5.63%.

For this agreement has been agreed by Xiaomi with Zhiyun’s owner, Tan Yongliang. And this is not the first time, because there have been several other collaborations that have already been established such as BOE, Huaxing, Tianma, and Visionox, which are all Samsung competitors in making OLED panels.

Not only can benefit from the investment alone, but in the future cooperation in asking for the supply of screen panels for a series of Android phones made in the future, clearly can be done more smoothly.

In addition, Zhiyun itself is also the only company that already has processing technology for manufacturing folding OLED screens, including equipment to unite, bend, laminate, and so forth.

It is known that so far Xiaomi had ordered a curved display panel for use on the Mi Note 10 and also the Mi 10. In addition there is also Huawei who has ordered a screen against the BOE for his Huawei P40 premium device .

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