Yi Sun Shin Will Rework on Mobile Legends

Yi Sun Shin Will Rework on Mobile Legends

Compared to other Marksman heroes, it can be said that Yi Sun Shin is less popular and very few Mobile Legends playersuse it in rank mode. Even though his ultimate skill can display all enemies in a map.

Maybe it can be said that the shortcomings in terms of damage, where YSS is still less horrified when compared to other marksman heroes , even though there are actually 2 attack modes that are owned. Where when the distance will shoot arrows, and if in close range will use a sword with more damage.

Because it has been long forgotten, Moonton has finally reworked this hero, where by making a few changes to his appearance and skills. Will this change be more frightening after this change? Still unknown because the skill description is still not listed.

For the first change occurred in appearance where YSS can be said to be more handsome now, it no longer looked like the old man who was on the battlefield. Then for your base in Land of Dawn Mobile Legends which was originally changed and became a YSS vehicle, now the alias base will no longer appear as usual.

Although the base is no longer the personal property of YSS, the ship is still there and can be used to move forward faster, while the water effect that adorns when moving is getting cooler, especially during HD appearances. Then the effect of the ultimate skill seems more solid, like a bomb dropped from the sky.

And the skills that have changed are the first skill, which used to dash backward and leave a mark on the track, now the dash is replaced. So Yi Sun Shin will attack the enemy forward and give an attack on the enemy, more or less like Ling ‘s skill 2 . It’s just that after attacking, YSS will temporarily disappear like Lesley , so it can’t be targeted by the enemy in a short amount of time.

Then for skill 2 it is still the same as it used to be where it can be detained and give deadly attacks in a straight line, but now there are additional. Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends can provide attacks in the form of a triangle similar to Lancelot in a smaller area, so that it can damage multiple heroes at once.

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