You Can, Here’s How To Activate Dark Mode Facebook on a Laptop

You Can, Here’s How To Activate Dark Mode Facebook on a Laptop

For now dark mode has become a popular feature and is trying to be offered on all platforms. Facebook is no exception , which has now begun rolling out updates for its Web version.

Following the dark mode on YouTube service , the following social media users can now also enjoy the dark mode, which allows users to comfortably enjoy the appearance of FB even in low light conditions.

However, for dark mode it cannot be activated just like that, but the user must first get a new version. The trick is to click the down arrow icon to display the full menu, then click the “Switch to new Facebook” section.

If you have switched to the new Facebook view , then later there will be an offer to use the display light (light) or dark (dark mode). You can choose one of these options to continue, and then click the Get Started button.

If you haven’t gotten this update yet, maybe please be patient first. Or if not, you can try to access it via the private tab on the browser application installed on your laptop .

Not just dark mode, you can find a fresh look on this new version of Facebook . Many say that it looks more friendly now and tends to be similar to the Twitter platform , which has a simple appearance, not too crowded but still functional as usual.

However, when seen as a whole, there are not many changes that occur, where the left sidebar is still filled by groups, pages, games , marketplaces and others. While on the right side there are only tab ads, important notifications, and also the chat tab in the contact list only.

Then the Facebook Stories menu is now at the top, replacing the status column that has now moved to the bottom. Thus, users can find more or less the same appearance as in the application.

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