ZTE looks very ready to release a smartphone with an under-screen camera

ZTE looks very ready to release a smartphone with an under-screen camera

Recently , many Chinese vendors have competed to offer cellphones with under-screen cameras. However, through the following statement, making ZTE look most ready to launch a cellphone with this new technology to the market.

Other vendors such as OPPO , Xiaomi , and also Vivo are known to have shown several times the form of smartphones that are equipped with selfie cameras below the screen. However, they claim that realizing cellphones with such technology is very difficult, because they have to go through the screen to capture the object image.

It could be presented, but several times of course the quality is not optimal as a device with a selfie camera on the outside. Of course this will be a consideration for yourself for Android cellphone vendors to implement it. Does that include ZTE?

This cannot be confirmed, but what is clear is that Ni Fei as President of ZTE Mobile Device has posted something on his Chinese social media , Weibo. He has teased fans to welcome the arrival of his latest Smartphone with under-screen camera technology.

However, the information does not include the exact release schedule of the smartphone in question. It’s just that this post gives a hint regarding the cellphone with the camera under the screen.

Since this post was sent using the A20 5G, there is a lot of speculation that this phone will come with under-screen camera technology. However, this is only an estimate, because the vendor did not reveal anything related to this new device, including providing an overview of the design of the new cellphone.

In June, an OLED panel manufacturer named Visionox has solved the problem related to the use of the selfie camera under the screen to maintain quality, thanks to hardware and software algorithms to improve viewing angles and reduce glare. It is not known whether ZTE will use a panel from this company or not, but if in the near future it does not rule out this could happen.

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